Mandatory tags

Learn how to establish mandatory tags for a section

For every section in Documaster, you have the possibility to set a classification as mandatory. That is, all files all folders need to be tagget with a tag from this classification in order to be approved.


In the following example, we will make the Contract type classification mandatory for all the files and folders in the Customer contracts section. We will also tell Documaster to apply a green status to the files and folders when the mandatory tag has been applied, and a red status when not.


We use the name Checklist for this way of esatblishing validations in Documaster. Checklists are highly flexible, and setting mandatory tags is just one of many possible ways of using checklists.



Go to the Settings page, select the Checklists tab. In the screenshot below, there is already an existing checklist called Required fields. Click the + Add new checklist button.



Give the checklist a name, and click Add.



Select Conditions, and click the + button.



Select Folders in section from the drop down, and click Select section. Select the section in question (Customer contracts) from the dialog box. Click Add condition.



Select Rules, and click on the + button next to Required tags from classification.



Give the rule a name (e.g. Mandatory Contract type), and click Select classification. Start typing the classification name to find the classification (Contract type) you want to set as mandatory. Click Add rule.



Select Outcomes, and click on the + button next to When validation was successful.

From the drop down menu, select Change folder color to, and select the green button.



Repeat the step above for When validation was unsuccessful, but this time, set Change folder color to red.


Finish the process by clicking the blue Done button on top of the page. You will now find your new checklist in the Folder Checklist list (Mandatory Contract type). Use the toggle to the right to turn your checklists on or off.